Many Windows programs use DLL files to perform common functions. Multiple programs can even use the same DLL files at the same time. When a function within a DLL needs an update or a fix, the deployment and installation of the DLL does not require the program to be relinked with the DLL. Additionally, if multiple programs use the same DLL, then all of them get benefited from the update or the fix. This issue may occur more frequently when you use a third-party DLL that is regularly updated or fixed. It helps you develop large programs that require multiple language versions or a program that requires modular architecture.

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It is widespread for users to encounter situations where software does not work due to flaws in .dll files. With dynamic linking, shared code is placed into a single, separate file. The programs that call this file are connected to it at run time, with the operating system (or, in the case of early versions of Windows, the OS-extension), performing the binding. The code in a DLL is usually shared among all the processes that use the DLL; that is, they occupy a single place in physical memory, and do not take up space in the page file. In older versions of Windows, in which all running processes occupied a single common address space, a single copy of the DLL’s code would always be sufficient for all the processes. If the physical memory occupied by a code section is to be reclaimed, its contents are discarded, and later reloaded directly from the DLL file as necessary.

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Alternatively, you can paste the path above into the path field to quickly jump to the Start Menu and Taskbar folder. You press and hold down the Windows key on your keyboard, then press the R key. It is usually between the Fn and left Alt keys on modern PC keyboards. Despite its usefulness, the Run command can still be disabled on Windows 10. We’re sure most people can’t contemplate the idea of neutering a website feature as useful as this one.

After SFC and CHKDSK complete, fixing any corrupt files along the way, restart your system. For instance, here’s a Windows 11 error log when the relevant driver for a device failed to load. To quickly perform a Java install on Windows, download the Adoptium JDK and run the .msi file, selecting all of the default options. To run the Java command, first you must have Java installed. This means either the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or the full Java Development Kit (JDK). She is a keen follower of the Windows ecosystem & a technical writer since the last six years.

  • Existing processes will continue to reference the renamed assembly.
  • Before running the SFC command, you need to check it is working properly.
  • Like any other file, these too consume space on your hard disk, no matter how small it is.

Windows system utility tools SFC and CHKDSK can be used to repair a faulty file system. Sometimes, faulty Windows files spread faults throughout your system. These programs run a system scan and fix any damaged files they find.

Because Explorer.exe is the shell for your computer, it will always start, thus always loading the files under this key. These files are therefore loaded early in the startup process before any human intervention occurs. Windows will now perform various tasks and then start the Winlogon process. Winlogon eventually starts the service control manager that loads services and drivers that are set for auto-start. No matter the case, there are several ways to add or remove the Run as different user option from the Start menu on Windows 11. Therefore, the registry is too complicated to clean manually one-by-one, unless you understand the depth of the Windows Operating system.

Editing the Registry is an advanced way to make changes to your Windows PC. So before you do anything to it, we recommend creating a System Restore point. If you break the Registry, there’s a chance you can break Windows as well, and that’s why it’s always a good idea to have some sort of backup you can use to restore your system. Don’t be confused by the @ sign in the last line, as it denotes we’re editing the (Default) string value in the command key. The first line of a REG file is the version of the Registry Editor you’re using. This guide assumes you’re familiar with editing the Windows Registry using the Registry editor.

Check your BSOD dump logs for further information—once you’ve identified the rogue drivers, you’ll need to uninstall them or replace them with newer (or older) drivers. To update Windows, right-click the Windows Start menu button and click Settings.

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